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The purpose of Process Measure is to enable hospitals to survive - and thrive - by finding efficient ways to improve patient outcomes.

Improving Patient Outcomes

To improve patient outcomes, a hospital may have to improve compliance with its processes. The application makes it easy for a hospital to correlate process compliance with outcomes.

For each step in each monitored process, Process Measure calculates a severity rating, which indicates how much relative benefit is likely to be gained when performance of that particular step is improved. This enables a hospital to focus on the steps that promise the greatest improvement for a given amount of effort.

Prioritizing Processes

To help hospitals to figure out which processes need the most attention, Process Measure provides benchmarking capabilities.

Performance measures can be linked to the processes that feed into them. Then, if a hospital is dissatisfied with its performance on a particular measure, it can easily identify the processes that feed into that measure and the steps within those processes on which to focus improvement efforts.

Process Measure makes it possible for hospitals to share measure definitions and benchmarking data. This is done by means of a Group Code, which is entered at the time of registration. If you need a Group Code for your organization, please write to us at


The table below provides a list of users in fictitious hospitals that are affiliated with each other. They track their performance on six measures.

To log in as any of these users, just click on the "Log in" button in the appropriate row.

Once you have logged in, you can find some sample data. If you log in as two different users, in separate browsers, you may find it interesting to compare some of the charts that appear in the Benchmarking section of the application.

Please note that these fictitious users have limited permissions. They are not allowed to enter any data or configuration information. If you would like to explore the application more thoroughly, please sign up for a free trial, which will be good for 365 days.

Hospital First Name Last Name Select
Herriot Hill HospitalEricBlair
Badminton Medical CenterMartinHarris
Piedmont HospitalFelicityBrown
Highland HospitalNigelBurgess
Grove Park HospitalVictoriaTaylor
Memorial HospitalMelanieYates
Ashton General HospitalAntonioVivaldi


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We have been using Process Measure at our hospital for over a year. Process Measure has helped us understand and analyze the key influencing factors (steps) affecting our DTN (door to needle times) for stroke patients receiving thrombolytics. This has created an objective method for determining where to focus our process improvement methods to get the most “bang for the buck” … aka biggest leverage on the outcome. Operationally - the software is easy to use, entered data is readily accessible for edits if required, and the informative setup procedures make the learning curve short for new users. With several design features that allow flexibility in adapting the program corresponding to changes in clinical workflow (steps) and the ease with which performance graphs can be obtained is truly impressive. We received kudos from the DNV stroke accreditation surveyors on innovative use of Process Measure to drive process improvements. We are excited about spreading the use of this tool to other acute care situations in the hospital.

Devesh Dahale, Director of Health Systems Engineering at Southeast Health, Dothan, Alabama, March 6, 2024


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